Iron VO2 Max

Iron VO2 Max

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An effective supplement to boost iron in your diet

  • Iron with high bioavailability 
  • Easily digested
  • Just 1 capsule per day

Iron is involved in multiple body functions such as hemoglobin synthesis, oxygen transport, cellular respiration, metabolic function, etc.

An iron deficiency is one of the most frequent nutritional deficiencies and, at the same time, one of the main triggers of anemia and lower performance.

When iron intake is lacking, we may feel weak, fatigued, lethargic and a reduced ability to perform physical activities. For this reason, the iron intake is especially relevant to athletes whose needs are superior, especially endurance sport atheletes.

In Victory Endurance we are aware of our athletes’ unique needs so we have designed a extremely effective formula to guarantee the right iron intake by introducing iron of high bioavailability.

Iron absorption depends highly on its origin and chemical composition. In Iron Bisglycinate iron is linked to two glycine molecules thus forming a stable structure which favors its absorption while protecting it from other absorption inhibitors in our diet. Moreover, this structure makes it more easy to digest, avoiding discomfort in the stomach and constipation which other iron sources habitually cause.

Since it has been proven that a low intake of micronutrients like Vitamins B9 or B12 and especially Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) may be another factor that contributes to anemia and iron deficiency we have included them in Iron VO2MAX.

Iron VO2 Max benefits:

  • Efficient with 1 daily capsule.
  • Better absorption.
  • High bioavailability.
  • Easily digested (does not cause constipation or stomach discomfort) 
  • Enriched with vitamins key in the absorption and metabolism of iron
  per capsule
Vitamin C 80 mg (100%*)
Folic acid 249,7 µg (125%*)
Vitamin B12 2 µg (80%*)
Iron Bisglycinate 20 mg
- of wich Iron 3,1 mg (22%*)
   *% NRV = Reference Intake of an average Adult

Take 1 capsule per day.

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